Corinthian Doors Platinum 4000 Cavity Units are able to carry wider and heavier doors and suitable for homes and commercial applications, and are available with optional Soft Closer to put an end to slamming sliding doors.

  • Steel construction means frames are stronger and can carry heavier and wider doors – up to 65kg single door and 45kg for double sliding door application
  • Steel construction is resistant to warping, bowing, white ant and rot Jump proof twin roller track and dual axle ball bearing for smooth running
  • Suitable for tiled wall applications
  • Press-release option for easy door retrieve from the cavity pocket in flush jamb
  • SOFT CLOSER KIT – OPTIONAL EXTRA Corinthian Doors Soft Closer Kit is available to support our Platinum 4000 Cavity Unit. When selecting your Soft Closer Kit please order based on the weight of your door.
  • Soft Closer Kit – for doors weighing 10kg to 19kg Soft Closer Kit – for doors weighing 20kg to 39kg
  • Soft Closer Kit – for doors weighing 40kg to 65kg
  • Ask your builder or hardware retailer to include a Soft Closer Kit when ordering a Platinum 4000 Cavity Unit.