Cockburn Cement produces Brickies Lite Cement, a Masonry Binary Cement M3, conforming to Australian Standard AS 1316. Brickies Lite Cement is manufactured to exacting standards at our Kwinana Works in Kwinana, Western Australia, for use in the construction and building industry and in domestic applications.

  • SUPPLY Brickies Lite Cement is available in 17.85 kg bags from the Kwinana Works and Customer Service Centres in regional areas.
  • SPECIFICATION Brickies Lite Cement exceeds the minimum specification for Masonry Binary Cement M3 given in AS 1316 and when mixed with the appropriate sand, is capable of producing mortar type M3 as defined in AS 3700. Brickies Lite Cement is manufactured under a third party certified manufacturing and supply quality assurance system to ISO 9001 (BSI Certification No FS 604665). Brickies Lite Cement is produced from Portland cement clinker, hydrated lime, and gypsum.
  • APPLICATIONS Brickies Lite Cement is ideal for internal or external mortars, and under-render finish.